How To Make A Pleated Bed Skirt

How To Make A Pleated Bed Skirt. Line up the centre of the centre box pleat of the bed skirt with the centre of the top piece (where the pin is) and begin pinning it on, right sides together. Just take a flat sheet as per your choice and use pins to make a pleated bed skirt.

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Great alternative for a big bed with a heavy mattress that you don't want to lift off. Select a skirting fabric that drapes well and works with your bedroom decor. Make a pleated bed skirt from a flat sheet by following this simple tutorial.

Then Finish The Two Ends By Hemming.

Feed the elastic through with a safety pin and then sew. Simply put the white strips on the box spring and easily attach the bed skirt to the platform. No sewing machine required, and no thread color combination is needed.

80 + 12″(Pleat) + 6″(2 Side Hems @3″ Each) = 98″ Repeat For Second Side = 98″

Two side panels that each measure the length of the box spring (from the head to the foot of the bed) minus 3 1/2″ (because it will stop 3 1/2″ from the bottom corner of the bed), plus 5″ for the pleat, plus any additional inches that you want the side panel to extend beyond the top end of the boxspring. Measure and mark your fabric with a pencil every 5 on every section. Hem the bottom of each section of the bed skirt and iron before creating your pleats.

Measure The Circumference Of The Bed (Run A Measuring Tape Around It).

Fold your fabric into box pleats by pinching the top and bottom of the fabric and folding either right or left. Miter the corners of the band. I extended my bed skirt about 3 1/2″ beyond the top end of the.

You Can Tape The Loop Side On The Boxspring Edges.

Next, decide on the size of your pleats and mark them on your fabric. Next follow ashley’s directions for making the bed skirt with pleats, adjusting for width and length of each panel and then attach to the base rectangle. You can find a handy mattress size chart for american beds here.

Make A Pleated Bed Skirt From A Flat Sheet By Following This Simple Tutorial.

It should cover the entire face of the box spring and extend over the unfinished top edge of the bed skirt paneling. Use that much elastic minus about 4 inches. To make a pleated skirt, start by measuring your waist and skirt length and cutting the fabric to your measurements.